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One of the ways in which you can succeed in the lending business is through the use of the commission model. In today’s article, we will be trying to understand how the commission model works, within the lending business model. We will also be highlighting the steps that you need to follow, if you wish to run a commission-based lending business.

How the commission model works, within the lending business

To succeed in the lending business, one needs to have two basic things. Firstly, one needs to have money to lend. And secondly, one needs to have borrowers, who would borrow the money, and then repay it with interest. The interest is the profit. Now getting the money to lend isn’t too hard, as long as one is connected to the global financial networks. The challenge tends to be in the aspect of getting borrowers (especially given the fact that the potential borrowers usually have so many options, in terms of whom/where they can borrow from). And this is where the need for commission agents arises. So the arrangement is one where you get the commission agents to bring you borrowers. And for every borrower who takes a loan, and goes ahead to repay it fully, you pay the agent who brought that particular borrower a commission.

How to run a lending business using the commission model

The first step here is to recruit the agents, who would be looking for potential borrowers on your behalf.

The second step is to train the agents: to get them to understand how they are expected to work.

The third step is to get into contractual agreements with the borrowers. If you have a huge enough network of commission agents, you can set up a website for them to access their work-related resources online. This website would be modeled along the same lines as the Lowe’s employees’ website, which is accessed by Lowe’s staff via the Lowes Kronos employee login screen. So you can have such a system for your agents.

After that, all you’d have to do is wait for the commission agents to bring you borrowers. Then if the borrowers take loans, and repay the loans successfully, you’d pay commissions to the agents, as per the agreement.

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