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One of the ways in which you can improve your lending business’ earnings is by starting to lend people who have poor credit ratings. They are a huge, untapped market. True, lending people who have poor credit scores is risky. But it can also be very profitable. This is because such people, who have low credit scores, tend to have very few places they can borrow from. Because they lack options, they are often willing to bear very high interest rates. And such high interest rates potentially translate into higher profits for the people who take the risk of lending to folks with poor credit ratings.

It is important to understand that a poor credit score doesn’t always translate into lack of creditworthiness. Some of the people with poor credit scores are in that predicament because of circumstances beyond their control. Take, for instance, someone who was previously working at the US Postal Service. While working there, he may have taken some loans, backed by his liteblue usps retirement funds. And as long as he worked at the US Postal Service, he was always assured of visiting the liteblue login page, signing in there, and comfortably managing work-related finances from there. Then, at some point, he happens to lose his job, due to events that were beyond his control. Then he (understandably) falls back on loan repayments. He ends up being reported to the credit bureaus. And so his credit score falls. Yet he is a honorable person, who would otherwise have very much preferred to pay his debts in a timely manner – if it wasn’t for the unfortunate turn of events…

It is important to appreciate that very few people borrow money with the intention of running away with it/not repaying it. It is just circumstances that force people to miss loan repayments, leading to poor credit ratings. Therefore, lending to people with poor credit ratings is not as risky as it sounds. In any event, you can charge considerably higher interest rates to the folks you lend with poor credit ratings. This way, you’d be assured that the few bad debts you are likely to incur are covered by the higher interest rates.

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