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While setting up a lending business, one of the challenges you will have to tackle is that of finding suitable premises for the enterprise. This is not the sort of business you can run from your garage or from your basement. You need to have a certain level of credibility, and this you can only get if you invest in proper office space.

There are three key ways in which you can go about finding suitable premises for the lending business:

  1. Through the local realtors: in this regard, you can visit the local realtor’s offices, and contract the realtor to find suitable premises for you. The realtor will charge you something for this service. But it won’t be much. Furthermore, engaging a realtor for this sort of task saves you time. That is time you can spend on some other important tasks. Like if, for instance, you had received an invitation to apply for a credit card on the capital one getmyoffer portal, you can use this time in following up on the same. So, in the time you’ have spent looking for suitable premises, you can go to and apply for the card. In the meantime, the realtor would have found suitable premises for you – and it may turn out to be something that is much better than what you’d have found for yourself.
  2. Through online property listings: nowadays, most of the vacant premises are listed online. It should therefore be possible for you to search through such listings, to see whether you can find suitable premises for your lending business there.
  3. By approaching local landlords directly: sometimes, you may encounter a landlord who has just set up a building where you think you may find suitable space to host your lending business. So you can approach such a landlord, and try to see whether they can rent you space within the new building. Or it may be space within an old building that has become vacant, and which you think may be suitable for your lending business… The most important thing here would be to approach the landlord in the right manner, and try to convince him to rent out the space for you to host your lending business there.

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